Practice Areas

Nusinov Smith LLP takes an integrated approach to counseling our clients. We concentrate on:

estate, trust and fiduciary litigation;
civil and complex litigation;
estate planning, and probate, trust and guardianship administration;
appellate litigation;
and professional disciplinary and licensing proceedings.

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Nusinov Smith LLP trial attorneys are experienced in litigation arising out of:

  • estates
  • trusts
  • guardianships
  • powers of attorney
  • and other fiduciary relationships
Our attorneys regularly litigate and advise on the following issues:
  • prosecuting and defending will challenges based on claims of undue influence, fraud, forgery and lack of competence
  • will and trust construction and interpretation
  • removal of personal representatives, trustees and guardians
  • misappropriation of assets 
  • breaches of fiduciary duties
  • disputes among beneficiaries
  • protecting loved ones from financial and physical abuse
  • challenging appointment of fiduciaries
Nusinov Smith LLP trial attorneys are experienced in litigation arising out of:
  • business and commercial disputes
  • partnership disputes               
  • intellectual property disputes
  • white collar criminal charges
  • complex personal injury matters
  • professional malpractice allegations

Our attorneys regularly appear in matters before trial and appellate courts as well as regulatory agencies and are adept at achieving results in mediation and arbitration as well as before juries and judges.

Our attorneys are skilled in the following complex litigation practices:

  • Voluminous document production by or to the firm's client;
  • Matters involving large numbers of deponents and witnesses;
  • Issues involving complex calculations and large quantities of data;
  • Complexity and interrelationship of multiple issues;
  • Extreme time pressures imposed by judges, opponents, or client imperatives;
  • The need to present and defend, cross-examine, and prepare expert witnesses; and
  • The need to persuade through the use of sophisticated graphics and technologically persuasive courtroom presentations.
Nusinov Smith LLP attorneys regularly assist clients with all of their estate planning including document preparation and advice related to:
  • Wills - simple wills; wills containing testamentary trusts and tax provisions
  • Trusts - revocable living trusts; irrevocable trusts like grantor and life insurance trusts
  • Lifetime Planning - health care directives; general and limited powers of attorney
  • complex tax planning
  • business succession planning

Nusinov Smith LLP attorneys also regularly assist with probate and other fiduciary administration including advice and guidance related to:

  • Administration of probate and non-probate assets
  • The intersection of estate administration with federal and state estate and fiduciary taxes
  • Compliance with varying jurisdictional filing requirements

Our attorneys can provide varying levels of assistance according to the client’s preference or requirements, from occasional advice by phone or in conference, to managing the probate filings and accounts.

Additionally, our attorneys serve as personal representatives, trustees and guardians.  For more than forty years the Firm has administered more than $50,000,000 in assets on behalf of elderly, minor and disabled persons.

Bar admission proceedings at every stage

Attorney grievance matters and complaints before licensing boards

  • representing professionals in all aspects from negotiations in pre-hearing dispositions to disciplinary hearings and reinstatement proceedings
  • advising on grievances arising from matters including billing issues, allegations of improper control of finances, and other professional conduct violations
  • appearing before a variety of professional licensing boards: Physician; Nursing; Dental

Our attorneys regularly advise on the following issues:

  • Rules and regulations applicable to respective professions
  • Professional ethics and practice standards
  • Professional licensing proceedings
  • Path to reinstatement after temporary license suspension
  • Briefing and arguing appeals on the merits;
  • Preparing and opposing petitions for review in the U.S. Supreme Court and state appellate-level courts;
  • Providing advice and assistance in briefing significant legal issues at the trial court level;
  • Advising clients on appellate issues during and after trial;
  • Handling agency appeals before various regulatory bodies; and
  • Preparing amicus curiae briefs.